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Thai Man Found with 10,000 Pairs of Women’s Underwear
We all know about the secret world of fetishes, and for the most part, although they may not be for everyone, they are harmless. While some fetishes may stretch the boundaries of the conventional, a man in Thailand who was arrested for possession of 10,000 pairs of women’s underwear pushed the envelope far beyond the [...] Related posts: Baby Tiger Found in Bag at Thai Airport Thai Man Marries Corpse: Love Beyond Death Red Shirt Thai Protesters Extending Their Act Read more [...]


Senegal – RSF monitors freedom of information, media behaviour during presidential election campaign

During his five-day visit, RSF’s representative is due to meet with government officials, journalists and news media.


Zimbabwe – MISA publishes position on inclusion of media freedoms in draft constitution

The proposed draft constitution explicitly guarantees not only media freedoms and access to information, but also protects journalists and their sources.


Palm-Reading Tests Banned for Chinese Children
The ancient divination arts of fortune telling and palm reading have tenuous holds on modern Chinese life. Although deeply embedded in Chinese traditions, modern leaders have discouraged palm reading, calling it superstition and even have punished those devotees who are determined to practice it. In Taiyuan, capital of the northern Shanxi province, three kindergartens were [...] Related posts: Palm-reading in Chinese Schools Becoming All the Rage Anti-Myopia Devices For Short-Sighted Chinese Children Time-Travel Movies Banned in China Read more [...]


Chinese eBay Offers Fiances for Desperate Single Women
You can find anything on eBay — old books, music, cars, and….dates? Well, not in America — at least not yet. But on Taobao, the Chinese version of eBay, women can rent fiancés. Not a date, not a sex buddy, but an honest-to-goodness fiance. Why? The answer lies in the lunar new year. According to [...] Related posts: Chinese Restaurant Offers Robust Menu, Including…Koala? Glass Bridge of Death Offers Tourists Thrills in Chinese Mountains Thirsty Women Drinks a Ton of Gasoline Read more [...]


Thailand Airlifts Condoms to Monsoon Victims
Thailand’s unusually severe monsoon floods this year are the worst seen in five decades. More than 230 people have died and at least 2 million have suffered damage to their homes and livelihood. Three-quarters of the country, including popular tourist destinations such as the northern city of Chiang Mai and the ancient capital of Ayutthaya, [...] Related posts: Thailand Ritual of Renewal: Practice Death Thailand Police Don Smiley Masks: Ha, Ha… Wha? Thailand Temple Home to 2,000 Decaying Fetuses Read more [...]


Students in N. Korea Rock Out to A Ha on the Accordions
Never underestimate the power of A Ha’s hit song “Take On Me” to breathe a little life into the dark and mysterious North Korea. Brought into the country and introduced by Norwegian artist Morten Traavik, the song is played on five accordions by students at the Pyongyang-based Kum Song School. Traavik, who has been visiting [...] Related posts: In North Korea,The Punishment is Always Death Is it OK to Eat Dog Meat? Another Milestone for North Korea’s “Beer Leader” Read more [...]


Eritrea – RSF lawyer pleas on behalf of imprisoned journalists

The plea demonstrated that national laws and international treaties should provide protection to Dawit Isaac and his detained colleagues.


Togo – "Tribune d’Afrique" journalist interrogated for six hours, fears for his safety

“Tribune d’Afrique” decided to suspend publication in Togo for one week in protest against police harassment of its staff.


Tanzania – Activists detained over illegal assembly

Sixteen human rights activists were detained in Dar es Salaam on allegations of illegal assembly and breach of peace.


Nigeria – Airport officials lock out journalists, hold equipment

Officials of the State Security Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs protocol department have denied over 60 journalists reporting from the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos access to their cameras, voice recorders and other tools of their trade.


Japanese Emoticons: In a World All Their Own
Japanese emoticons, which are also known as anime emoticons or manga-style smiles, are different from the myriad of others found everywhere on the Internet. For one thing, Japanese emoticons are read vertically as opposed to normal Internet smileys, which are always read horizontally. For another, Japan’s smileys are composed of many double-byte characters, which the [...] Related posts: Japanese Pope Hats: World Cup Fans Run Amuck? Japanese Theme Park Opens World’s Steepest Roller Coaster Japan Proposes Holographic World Cup 2022 Read more [...]


Mauritania – ANHRI condemns detention of activist

Wan Biran, coordinator of the Do Not Touch My Nationality movement, was detained while visiting his brother in the National Hospital.


South Sudan – Journalist assaulted in Parliament

Bakhita Radio journalist Mading Ngor was removed the country’s National Assembly while covering a session and later allegedly assaulted by security guards, according to news reports.


Thai Man Marries Corpse: Love Beyond Death
In a bizarre act of love that pulls at heartstrings and simultaneously sends chills up and down spines, Chadil Deffy married 29-year-old Sarinya Kamsook, the deceased love of his life, in a combination funeral-wedding ceremony. The event took too place on January 4th in Surin, a city in northern Thailand. They had been together for [...] Related posts: Taiwanese Bride Marries Self: With This Ring, I Me Wed Indonesian Sanctuary Boasts Two Blooming ‘Corpse Flowers’ Fed-Up Taiwanese Woman Marries Self Read more [...]


Uganda – Court acquits “Daily Monitor” editors

A Kampala court threw out forgery charges against managing editor Daniel Kalinaki and political editor Henry Ochieng.


Palm-reading in Chinese Schools Becoming All the Rage
Several kindergartens in China are charging parents 1,200 RMB, or US$190, to read their kids’ palms in an effort to determine their intelligence level and potential for success. The company performing the tests, Shanxi Daomeng Communication Co., has been seeing a number of parents utilizing their services in the northern province of Shanxi. Given the [...] Related posts: New Chinese Trend Involves Dyeing Dogs to Look Like Wild Animals Obama Appears in Chinese Billboards Chinese Butter Bridge Hinders Jumpers Read more [...]


Chinese Shipping Magnate Drops $328,000 for Racing Pigeon
I don’t know what’s worse, paying thousands of dollars for a virtual weapon in an unreleased video game or $328,000 for a freakin’ pigeon. If you ask the Chinese magnate that bought the pigeon, the rat with wings was definitely the better buy. According to an “international pigeon auction house” (which is apparently a real [...] Related posts: A $200,000 Pigeon: The New Chinese Trophy Purchase Chinese Man Drops Mobile Phone:Trapped In Toilet Chinese Entrepreneur Destroys $750,000 Car with Sledgehammers Read more [...]


Nigeria – French journalists detained, thrown out of restive state

TFI journalist Jeremie Drieu and his local colleague Ahmad Salkida were in Jos to report on the recent unrest there when they were detained by soldiers who took them to a command center where they faced “increasingly hostile interrogation”, AP reported.


Photographer Held Captive by Indian Snake Charmers
Last summer, Scottish photographer Ross McLean embarked on a project, despite a little voice in his head that screamed “Bad idea!” McLean had traveled to India, where he hoped to take photographs for his up and coming exhibition, but his plans went way astray when he found himself a captive in a community of snake [...] Related posts: Indian Officials Held Pigeon Captive on Suspicion of Spying Indian Man Escapes Death After Swallowing Snake on $2 Bet Indian Snake Festival Has PETA Bearing Its Tongue Read more [...]


Cameroon – Coup charges against writer dropped, still faces military tribunal

There have been worrying allegations that the evidence against Enoh Meyomesse is fabricated.


The Case of the Indian Minister and His Shoelaces
An odd entanglement of values, castes, ideology and shoelaces has caused an “incident” in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Television cameras captured Gauri Shankar Bisen, a minister in the state government, using a young man to tie his shoes at a public function. Attending an event at Chhindwara, the minister claimed that his doctors [...] Related posts: India Plays Host to Earliest Case of Leprosy Indian Cops Told to Booze It Up Per Excellence Indian Family Saved By No Matches Read more [...]


Using a Cell Phone in N. Korea Could Make You a War Criminal
North Korea is already pretty much insane, so you really shouldn’t be surprised to find out that using a cell phone will brand you a war criminal. In the wake of Kim Jong-Il’s death, it seems that those found using cell phones or attempting to cross the border during the mandatory 100-day mourning period will [...] Related posts: No related posts. Read more [...]


Malawi – New report highlights ongoing press freedom challenges, says MISA

The Malawi Broadcasting Corporation gained notoriety for serving only President Bingu wa Mutharika while shutting out other independent voices.


Zimbabwe – Foreign newspapers to be banned

The Zimbabwe Media Commission reportedly aims to stop foreign newspapers without local offices from circulating in the country.


Indian Curd-eating Contest Keeps Traditions Alive
In the city of Patna, in India’s eastern Bihar state, a curd-eating competition involving more than 300 people recently took place the day before the sacred Hindu holiday of Makar Sankranti, a Punjabi festival that takes place on the eve of winter solstice. This competition is as old as India itself, but in recent years [...] Related posts: Meerut Families Caught Burying Their Children ALIVE! The Goonch: Vicious Human-Eating Mutant Catfish Indian Police Sell Teenager’s Corpse for Profit Read more [...]


Panda Poo: World’s Most Expensive Tea

panda 31 100x100 Panda Poo: World’s Most Expensive Tea

The mountains of Sichuan Province in southwestern China will soon yield a new and different product: namely, the world’s most expensive tea. This new tea has no secrets. Its main ingredient, panda poo, is the reason it is so costly, selling at £50,000 (more than US$77,000) per kilo. Chinese entrepreneur Yanshi An left his job [...]


Côte d’Ivoire – Two detained journalists released

Charles Sanga and Jean-Claude Coulibaly were detained after they refused to disclose the source of a leaked story that ran in “Le Patriote” earlier in the week.


Djibouti – Radio journalist threatened and tortured for 24 hours

Farah Abadid Hildid was previously detained and tortured twice in 2011, and in the first instance was held for more than four months on a charge of “participating in an insurrectional movement.”


Japan’s Celebration of Spring: Penis and Vagina Festivals

japanese vibrator 01 100x100 Japan’s Celebration of Spring: Penis and Vagina Festivals

Dating back more than 1,500 years, Japan’s rites of spring are deeply rooted in its agricultural past. As in all the world’s ancient cultures, such observances were believed to promote a successful harvest and produce many babies. It is ironic that Japan’s Penis and Vagina Festival is an annual event dating back to ancient times [...]


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